The 5 Best Barbell Exercises To Build Muscle Fast

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These Barbell Workouts Can Help You Build Your Muscles Quickly

barbell exercises

The barbell is regarded by many as “weightlifting in its purest form”. Using no cables, or , machines, it is seen as one piece of equipment that anyone serious about building muscle has to have or use

However, just like any other workout equipment, owning or using it is one thing; getting the best out of it is another. Lack of proper knowledge or training could, in many cases, stop or block you from achieving the best from the equipment at our disposal.

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This is where expert advice and guidance come in.

Tapping into the knowledge of celebrity personal trainer Scott Laidler, this article highlights 5 of the best barbell exercises that can help you build muscle fast without much stress

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Do these barbell workouts in isolation or combine them for fast results. Are you ready to bend some metal?

Bench Press

Why? There’s a reason most men head straight to the bench: when it comes to carving out that all-important V-shape, the bench press is unparalleled. “The barbell bench press incorporates the chest, shoulders and triceps, making it the classic upper body push exercise,” Laidler says. … Any bulking training programme would be incomplete without it.”

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